Do you need a Visa?

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All those that are travelling from non European countries or countries that are not in the list NEED TO HAVE A VISA. The request for a Visa is a very bureaucratic and long process that takes at least six months to be concluded. So, we strongly recommend all colleagues travelling from countries from where a Visa is requested, to address the Congress secretary as soon as possible, in order to avoid last minute difficulties and to contact, when needed, the relevant embassies.

Only people coming from the following list of countries/ special regions DO NOT need a Visa.
Seulement les personnes a provenance des pays/régions spéciales de la liste suivante N’ONT PAS BESOIN d’un Visa.

People coming from any other country NEED TO HAVE A VISA.
Les personnes a provenance de tous les autres pays/régions ONT BESOIN D’UN visa.

EU countries
Pays de l'Union Européenne
Andorra Japan
Argentina Malaysia
Australia Mexico
Bolivia Monaco
Brazil Nicaragua
Brunei Darussalam New Zeeland
Bulgaria Panama
Canada Paraguay
Chile Romania
South Korea Holy See
Costa Rica Salvador
Croatia San Marino
Equator Singapore
United States of America Uruguay
Guatemala Venezuela
Honduras Hong Kong
Israel Macau

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