An Opportunity for FORUM Volunteers
to have an active role in the UISPP Congress

Who are we?

UISPP, Union Internationale des Sciences Prehistoriques et Protohistoriques, was founded in 1931 (inheriting the tradition of past International Congresses of anthropology and pre historical Archaeology) and is a member of the International Council of Philosophy and Human Sciences (ICPHS), non Governmental Association associated to UNESCO since 1955. UISPP groups all the scientists dealing with pre- and proto-history worldwide and holds its Congress every 5 years.

FORUM, the European Forum of Heritage Association, is an Europe-wide network of volunteers associations dealing with archaeology and heritage in general. Members of FORUM’s associations promote, defend and spread the knowledge of heritage among the public: they organize archaeological camps, public lectures, exhibitions, restoration activities and cultural interchanges always in the framework of international projects.

We give an opportunity to volunteers

FORUM co-operates with UISPP for the realisation of its worldwide congress: volunteers will have an important role in the event. FORUM wants to give to the members of its associations a unique opportunity to be involved in the organisation of an event gathering the most important scientists dealing with pre-, proto-history and archaeology in general. FORUM wants to demonstrate that volunteers still do have a role in archaeology; on the other hand, UISPP availability for co-operation shows that the world of the professional is interested in volunteers’ contribution.

A big effort is what we ask

FORUM volunteers will be an active part of the Congress Organisation, both before and during UISPP Congress. Volunteers, coming mainly from all the countries of Europe (but also extra-European applications will be welcomed) will participate at the congress for:

TRANSLATIONS: we would like volunteers to help with translations, since a worldwide congress gathering participants from all the countries will surely face the need of people contributing to make any information exchange easier;

SPEAKERS ASSISTANCE: each day there will be workshops and sessions, with speakers from every country: volunteers will have to deal with computer projectors and PowerPoint presentations, may face the need of substituting at the last moment a projector or to move presentations from a laptop to another. Moreover, they may be asked to consult internet sites, send or check e-mails and to exchange documents;

LOGISTICS: congress participants will be spread all around Lisbon area, among hotels, campuses and other lodging facilities. Volunteers may be asked to help people finding their hotel, or to lead a group of participants to a specific meeting point in Lisbon or in the surroundings. Some volunteers may also contribute to the excursions organised for congress participants: they may work as guides or simply support the organisation of the tours. In some cases there might be the need of studying the main features of the visited places and to be prepared to give assistance to the participants in case of need;

PRESS OFFICE: Other volunteers will work in the Press Office, activated before the Congress and to be running during and after the event.. There will be the need to organise press conferences and to make available technical facilities to all the journalists visiting the Congress and the related events.

A big reward is what we give

FORUM volunteers will have right to:
• Participation to the congress with the rights of a “Full Participant”, with access to all conferences and workshops and with the right of receiving publications and abstracts. Your work shifts will cover half of a day, so the other half you are free to attend the speeches you are most interested in;

• FORUM and UISPP co-operation with student volunteers’ home institutions, in order to have the opportunity of seeing volunteers’ effort recognised at an institutional level: since the participation to the Congress will be officially recognised for attesting credits;

• a training session before the congress to teach precisely what volunteers’ tasks are going to be and to give logistic details (location of sessions and workshops, location of accommodations, transport facilities, meeting points);

Do you want to join?

Your experience as a volunteer at the Congress will allow you to meet and know university professors who may help you to improve your school career, or you may develop contacts with professionals helping you to find new opportunities for your volunteer association. You will know personally and you will work side by side with the most important archaeologists worldwide.

To apply

• You have to be a member of one of FORUM Associations. See to find the closest to you.

• You have to submit your application form to FORUM

and remember:

• if you are a university student, or you attend post-doctoral studies, please contact your institution and verify the possibility of having your credits recognised for your participation. Forum will privilege volunteers who can have the greatest advantages for their school careers from their participation;

• do you speak more than two languages? English is compulsory to be a volunteer at the Congress, French is the other official language of UISPP and its knowledge is required as well; Portuguese is welcome, since the event will take place in Portugal. Language knowledge is compulsory for any kind of volunteer's activity;

• being PC alphabetised is an important characteristic for the volunteers who will work at the Congress, especially if you deal with room assistance: we need you to know Windows, Office, Internet and e-mail;

• do you have any knowledge of journalism? It is necessary if you want to work at the Press Office.

In any case, being a congress dealing with Prehistory and Protohistory, volunteers are requested to have at least a base knowledge of archaeology. We do remind that NOT ALL volunteers must have ALL the requested characteristics at the same time; the choice process will try to create an homogeneous group which could cover all the requested activities.